NoxGear Tracer 360

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NoxGear Tracer 360 LED Visibility Vest

If you’re a nocturnal athlete, own the night with Noxgear’s Tracer360 Visibility Vest! The Tracer360 is an essential addition to your cold weather running gear or cycling gear. Your normal reflective vest is only visible when headlights are on you and single point red LEDs are old technology. The Tracer360 uses the latest in LED and fiber optic technology along with visual science to make you stand out like never before. The Tracer360 uses the full color spectrum in specially designed illumination modes to keep you highly visible. Paired with high quality 3M reflective materials the Tracer360 is the perfect, lightweight replacement for your bulky and uncomfortable safety vest. Wear it over a t-shirt to hit the road and avoid the heat on summer nights or over your favorite high visibility running jacket in the fall and winter.

Product Details

Benefits Include:

  • Keep Yourself Safe: The Tracer360 visibility vest to keep you safe and out of harm’s way by making you highly visible to cars and traffic under any conditions. If you’re active at night or early in the morning, you need to be seen. The Tracer360 makes sure you are.
  • Multi-Color: All the colors in one vest: 5 Multi-Color Flashing Modes and 6 Solid Color Modes
  • Ultra-Bright: Bright from any anlge, the Tracer360 provides total visibility
  • Lightweight: At just 7oz., the Tracer360 is so light you'll forget you're wearing it.
  • Adjustable: Adpats to securley fit over your seasonal attire and accessories.
  • All Season Durability: Built to withstand rain, snow, and hot & cold temperatures
  • Battery Life: Up to 40 hours of lasting battery life for more miles
  • Always Bright: Consistent 40 lumen max brightness, even on low battery
  • Reflective & Flourescent: 3M reflective flourescent chest band designed to catch headlights

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Product Size Chest Men's T-Shirt Women's T-Shirt
S 25" - 36"


XS, S, M

M / L 27" - 40"

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XL 29" - 44"