Good Form Running


Is this clinic right for you?

Instead of a complex biomechanical analysis, Good Form Running (GFR) has reached thousands of runners by implementing three simple yet essential steps focused on running light and easy.


What to expect at a Dave’s Good Form Running clinic:

In this GFR clinic, trained Dave’s Running Coaches will teach you the three simple, but highly effective techniques that will help you transform into a more efficient, healthy runner. You will have your gait recorded on camera and then analyzed in the classroom so you can better practice GFG techniques on your own. By mastering these points, you will be better equipped to run faster, easier and injury free.

Dave's GFR Clinic Overview

The aim is to keep it simple. The goal is to get you running faster, easier and without injury. The belief is that running is a skill that can be learned. Practicing these techniques can make all the difference in the level, quality, efficiency and enjoyment of your running.

Learn Proper Running Form

The filming portion of the clinic is where we capture each participants’ running style. This footage will be used as a reference in the classroom after we practice drills. The goal is to teach proper running form and skills to demonstrate how you can easily run more naturally.

Practice With a GFR Coach

The drills portion lasts for about 25 minutes and takes you through the 3 points of Good Form Running. It gives you a chance to practice them with the direction of the GFR coach.


Space is limited to 15 participants in at each session, so secure your space now. The Dave’s Good Form Running Clinics are free to attend, but you must pre-register.